21st Century fundraising
How a Social Worker Builds
Generous & Loyal Donor Communities
for Long-Term Sustainability
Craig Morris, CEO, Inc.
0:00:45  Welcome

0:04:01  Agenda

0:07:20  Why now is the perfect time to be fundraising/a fundraiser

0:10:32  Why Craig is doing this here right now

0:14:13  5 misconceptions about fundraising

0:16:59  3 “must haves” to be successful at fundraising

0:17:47  ONE: The mindset of a fundraiser

0:25:20  TWO: A PROOF of Case

0:27:03  These 4 things must happen to get generous, loyal donors

0:34:19  THREE: A 5-step, repeatable process that converts strangers into donors and 5 fundraising techniques that will never work

0:48:03  Building these three elements into your fundraising program will ignite and nurture a generous and loyal community of donors to your nonprofit

0:48:39  What makes a truly skilled fundraiser

0:51:23  About the 6-week program

1:06:50  Webinar discount and sliding fee for small budgets
Built to scale your fundraising program and turn it into a machine in six weeks. Each week includes downloads, samples
and templates plus follow-up Q&A calls and online engagement in the community.


I’ve tested old and new ways of doing things over the years. Then I researched and applied science and psychology to fundraising to create This program short-circuits fundraising to carry your organization from its current situation to its desired state with immediate results.

New Paradigm

Learn how to see. I remember being stuck, yearning for something new and bored with old ideas yielding moderate to no success. The internet changed fundraising, but not until now have there been the right tools to make it go fractal.

Supportive Community

My best experiences have come through meeting people who enjoy helping each other. Become part of a growing community available to you 24/7/365 who have been through it. We’re there to pick you up all along the way so you’re able to get help immediately and celebrate success regularly.

Expert Mentorship

I grew leaps and bounds because of mentors in my life. I then paid it forward by mentoring young and upcoming nonprofit leaders. I promise to be your mentor for as long as you need me, not just during the six-week program. Members register for live Q&A sessions for as long as they want.
Learn anytime, anywhere, and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. All courses come with online, social, live, and simulated material. Access the training online from any device, anywhere in the world, anytime.

Week 1

Fundraising Fundamentals

  • Evolution of fundraising and where we're headed
  • Focus your time on this, and ignore that
  • Customers and who are yours as a nonprofit organization
  • Proof of Case: Igniting your NPO's pilot light

Week 2

How to See

  • Personality assessment: See yourself and your donor for the first time
  • Working with others: Managing staff and teams and engaging with donors of all personality types
  • Mind, body & soul: Policies, processes and advancement operations

Week 3

Donor Conversion

  • Maximize each variable in the Fundraising Formula...leave no money on the table
  • Smart campaigns embed feedback loops and strengthen with each cycle
  • Refine your conversion script like a which-way book 
  • Easy metrics analysis and oversight is achieved by tracking 3 variables

Week 4

Donor Attraction

  • Get prospects to call YOU
  • Organic techniques cost no money and build a loyal donor community
  • Paid methods amplify your message and floods your database with new donors
  • Build a website and landing pages that convert, not confuse

Week 5

Fractal Fundraising™

  • Digital marketing: Find your NPO's winning ad/image/copy combination
  • Facebook ads pour gasoline on your pilot light; reach donors in the corners of your prospect pool or market
  • Key performance metrics tell you when putting a dollar in the machine will return multiple dollars back

Week 6


  • Interbeing describes the inter-dependency between your donor community and your organization
  • Make fundraising predictable beyond basic stewardship practices
  • Practical tools are provided for long-term sustainability
  • Become indispensable and donors will rally around you when times get tough
Learn anytime, anywhere, and whatever way you like with multiple training formats. All courses come with online, social, live, and simulated material. Access the training online from any device, anywhere in the world, anytime.

$995 offer associated with this webinar only.
(Sliding fee available to nonprofits with budgets less than $ here.)